For the day after tomorrow

Perendie is a social enterprise preparing public, private and not-for-profit organisations for the future. Perendie provides business alignment and a business management system which deliver strategy implementation, increased productivity, cost reduction, stakeholder satisfaction and effective governance. Business alignment includes a balanced scorecard, performance management and performance measurement.

The pressures of daily life focus corporate attention and governance on near-term targets causing organisations to lose sight of their strategy and to compromise their global competitiveness. Their ability to make appropriate investments in critical areas such as innovation and sustainability is reduced. Most people want to fulfil their potential yet short-termism constrains them to narrow job specifications and confuses them with seemingly random management decisions.

Taking a long term view identifies the things the organisation really needs to focus on and gives all stakeholders a shared vision to aim for. Balancing the short and long term reduces short term pressures by eliminating unnecessary activity and motivating people with stable and meaningful objectives. There is a genuine opportunity here to get something for nothing - by simultaneously eliminating waste and motivating people the same resources deliver more, better and faster.

Perendie Business Alignment ® provides the two key pre-requisites of this desirable outcome:

  1. A specific and measurable picture of the future organisation's outcomes and the activities and resources required to deliver them.
  2. A systematic process which aligns everyone and everything around the delivery of the corporate outcomes, challenging current deliverables, ways of working, initiatives and resource allocations.

Perendie Business Alignment ® consists of Corporate Alignment, the Perendie Business Management System ®, and knowledge transfer.

About Perendie

'Perendie' means 'the day after tomorrow'.

Established in February 2002, Perendie is a social enterprise using Perendie Business Alignment ® to make working lives more fulfilling and productive, benefiting all stakeholders.

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