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Business Management System

The business model created by Corporate Alignment is stored in the Perendie Business Management System ®, which links everything the organisation needs to do and employ to deliver its required outcomes at all levels across the whole value chain. This allows the organisation's leaders to see the impact of a change in a target, activity, resource or budget visible immediately.

The first version of the UK Corporate Governance Code, produced in 1992 by the Cadbury Committee, defined corporate governance as “the system by which companies are directed and controlled.”

The Perendie Business Management System ® is such a system, providing the three pre-requisites of effective governance:

Integrity - everything the organisation needs to do and employ to deliver its required outcomes is linked at all levels from customers through employees to suppliers.
Transparency - anyone, internally and externally, can see what the organisation intends to employ, do and deliver, and the progress being made and expected.

Predictability - the causes of success are identified, and the probability of the required outcomes being delivered is objectively predicted.

As several severe governance failures have shown, codes, reports and regulations are ineffective. Disclosure is of little use, because what is disclosed is at the discretion of the discloser, and bad news is usually suppressed whenever possible to protect the interests of the discloser. Boards don’t have the information or ability to direct and control the organisations they are responsible for. Written reports are out of date before they’re published.

The ACCA-sponsored Perendie Business Management System ® gets round this problem by providing everyone you wish with immediate information not only about progress to date but also about the likelihood of achieving future targets, supplementing reports with more current, complete and transparent information about an organisation’s performance and prospects for the future than is possible manually.

An example of the Perendie Business Management System ® can be seen at Please contact for a username and password.
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