Align everyone and everything around the corporate goals

The Perendie platform® helps organisations define the desired outcomes, the activities required to deliver the outcomes and the facilities, skills, information and money required to carry out these activities. It makes the causal relationships between the outcomes, the dependencies between the activities, and the connections between the resources explicit. It defines predictor and achievement measures of the outcomes and assesses the key risks to them.

This process stimulates innovative and objective thinking about what needs to be done and employed. It provides a way of predicting delivery, because it explicitly defines the causes of success. It facilitates risk management since the prior knowledge of the consequences of their actions gives people confidence to act and time to put things right before the opportunity passes or the budget has been spent.

The business model provides leaders with a fast and efficient way of communicating their strategy. Successive levels of the organisation are invited to say what they will contribute to the delivery of the strategic outcomes, what they will need to do to achieve the outcomes they have therefore committed to deliver, and what resources they therefore will need to employ.

The platform lets anyone contribute to the outcomes the organisation needs, increasing diversity and productivity. It identifies people who can’t contribute to the organisation’s future, saving money. It motivates and enables people to cooperate and deliver their outcomes by showing what everyone’s doing and what’s likely to happen. Doing so executes the strategy.

This approach gives the whole workforce the chance to fulfil their potential, a ladder they can climb and a career they can develop; and creates one team, overcoming divisions. It also leads people to challenge their current deliverables, ways of working and resourcing, stimulating innovation and reducing cost.

The platform helps people to challenge current deliverables, ways of working and resourcing, stimulating innovation and reducing cost.

When complete, the platform provides a single joined-up view of everything required. To avoid ambiguity, each outcome has only one achievement measure and one predictor indicator, and the key risk.

Anyone can see what everyone intends to employ, do and deliver, and their progress, increasing the visibility of their own and others’ behaviour and performance, and motivating delivery.