Align information technology with the business

Many organisations invest in information technology in the hope that it will deliver a demonstrable return on the investment, without specifying and measuring the outcomes it will support, saying explicitly how it will enable the delivery of these outcomes, or making the process and behavioural changes needed. Consequently, information technology does not always deliver the expected value.

Information Technology Alignment explicitly, systematically and measurably aligns information technology with the business, defining where and how information technology can best assist the achievement of business outcomes.

Many approaches make this sort of claim, but how things are done affects their effectiveness. Information Technology Alignment differs in the way it achieves the claimed results:

  • Rather than trying to improve the present (where you don’t want to be), it starts from the future (where you want to be), challenging the present
  • It systematically aligns IT requirements with business outcomes, engaging stakeholders, and encouraging radical thinking about what IT can and needs to be deployed

A Service-Oriented Architecture is derived from the Perendie platform®, identifying ways to reduce the current systems portfolio and its maintenance and licence cost, and releasing IT resource to add value to the organisation. It future-proofs, simplifies and reduces the cost of IT.