The Perendie platform® would:

  • Reduce the number of committees, meetings, emails, reports and other time-consuming means of communication
  • Halve the time, effort, cost, complexity, bureaucracy and uncertainty of management, make management simpler, faster, more flexible, cheaper and more effective, and lighten the management workload
  • Increase the time available for revenue-generating work by reducing the time spent on non-revenue-generating activities such as corporate governance, risk management, business planning, job specification, job evaluation, budgeting, procurement, resource allocation, programme management, training, performance appraisal, performance management, remuneration, information technology management, knowledge management, internal communication, auditing and corporate reporting
  • De-clutter your working life
  • Reduce information overload
  • Let you know what’s going on
  • Enable and increase collaboration by showing immediately who else is working on the same outcome as you, or any outcome.