Increase board efficiency and efficacy

The Perendie platform® is a generic unprescriptive system applicable to any sort of organisation. It collects and connects every outcome, activity and resource required to realise an organisation’s outcomes, encouraging collaboration across disciplinary and organisational boundaries. It lets anyone contribute to the outcomes the organisation wants, increasing stakeholder participation and diversity. It encourages ethical behaviour and facilitates audit by showing what everyone’s doing and what’s likely to happen. It explicitly links remuneration to the delivery of outcomes. It motivates people to challenge current deliverables, ways of working and resourcing, stimulating innovation and reducing cost. It enables interested parties to assess the likelihood of the organisation delivering the outcomes it has decided to deliver, and whether directors have performed their duty under section 172 of the Companies Act 2006.

The platform

  • provides current, complete, essential, transparent, predictive and actionable board information
  • predicts delivery, allocates accountability, mitigates risk, encourages responsible
    behaviour, builds trust, and creates sustainable organisations
  • increases the effectiveness and reduces the cost of governance, reporting and audit.

We humans are inherently conservative. Most of us avoid change unless it is clearly in our interests; and most of us resist radical change. Therefore the Perendie platform® is intended to support the production of board packs, not to replace them. It would be certain to fail if it was aimed higher because directors are not ready to let go of board papers.