The clarity of purpose provided by the Perendie platform® inspires everyone to say what and how they will contribute to the outcomes on the map, either directly or through the contributions of others. Doing so will gradually collect and connect every outcome, activity and resource needed to achieve the organisation’s mission. By showing what everyone’s doing and what’s likely to happen, people are motivated and enabled to deliver their outcomes and so implement the strategy.

This gives the whole workforce the chance to fulfil their potential, a ladder they can climb and a career they can develop. It creates one team, overcoming divisions, and leads people to challenge their current deliverables, ways of working and resourcing, stimulating innovation and reducing cost.

We are motivated to act in our own self-interest. Any system of management should work with this natural motivation, and intervene only to prevent people acting in their own self-interest to the detriment of others.

Anyone can see what everyone intends to employ, do and deliver, and their progress, thus increasing the visibility of peoples’ behaviour and performance, and motivating delivery.