Provide better services at lower cost

It is possible to improve services and cut costs simultaneously, but a new approach is required, one which uses a picture of the future to challenge the present, makes the causal path between outcomes and money explicit, and engages everyone in the delivery of the outcomes required.

The Perendie platform® provides the golden thread which joins everything up.

The Perendie platform® automates the automatable aspects of corporate governance, risk management, business planning, job specification, job evaluation, budgeting, procurement, resource allocation, programme management, training, performance appraisal, performance management, remuneration, information technology management, knowledge management, internal communication, auditing and corporate reporting.

Consequently, the platform increases the productivity and effectiveness of the Board; the Executive Team; Corporate Governance; Enterprise Risk Management; Business Planning; Job Specification; Job Evaluation; Budgeting; Procurement; Resource Allocation; Programme Management; Performance Appraisal; Performance Management; Remuneration; Information Technology Management; Knowledge Management; Internal Communication; Auditing; and Corporate Reporting.