Provide non-executive directors with the information they need

There is so much data and so many relationships (between outcomes, risks, performance measures, activities, facilities, finance, customers, producers, society at large and the environment) that it’s difficult for directors to obtain the information they need to fulfil their statutory duties.

The Perendie platform® gathers, creates and displays for non-executive directors and others a single picture of everything the organisation is aiming and likely to achieve, do and employ. It provides current, complete, essential, transparent, predictive and actionable board-level information.

By linking and integrating all the causes of success, the platform automatically and objectively determines whether a fact or circumstance would affect the ability of the entity to generate or preserve value in the long term. It also determines the relative importance of the matter to the entity’s development, performance, position or future prospects, and the impact of its activity.

It enables non-executive directors to assess the likelihood of the organisation delivering the outcomes it has decided to deliver and whether directors have performed their duty under section 172 of the Companies Act 2006.