Transform the organisation

An organism doesn’t use or need committees, meetings, emails, reports and other inefficient means of communication to achieve its purpose. It communicates invisibly and seamlessly. Perendie uses a unique digital platform to help organisations transform themselves into organisms, automating the automatable aspects of governance, leadership and management, increasing the probability of a strategy’s execution and saving time and money throughout the organisation.

Co-ordinating teams and departments

Just as organisms suffer pain and even death when the parts do not co-operate due to sickness or disease, so organisations suffer inefficiency and loss when teams are misaligned through separation, ignorance or protectionism. The parts of a human, animal or botanical organism work together invisibly through the central nervous system; the Perendie platform® does the same for organisations. It weaves together the aims and activities of otherwise disconnected people, teams and departments.

Everything is related

There are relationships between outcomes, risks, performance measures, activities, facilities, finance, customers, staff, society at large and the environment. Ignoring or being ignorant of these relationships will mean that things can’t be joined up and will lead to attempts to do everything at once and to produce things in the wrong order causing over-work, stress, mistakes, inefficiency, rework and failure. Knowing and using relationships is key to success.

Joining things up

There are so many relationships that information technology is needed to manage them. Computers can store massive amounts of information, and are far better at joining things up than people are. Computers are objective, incorruptible, a-political and selfless; and if programmed correctly, infallible. People have a dexterity, flexibility and creativity which computers currently lack. People and computers are both essential to delivery and should be used in ways which exploit their respective strengths.