Use the Perendie platform® to:

Facilitate leadership

Enable leaders to lead, staff to feel more fulfilled, and customers to be better served.
Gain greater control over the organisation.
Increase employee productivity.
Increase profit by at least 10%.

Lead people forward

Combine meritocracy with democracy.
Combine top-down leadership with bottom-up implementation.
Help people journey from the present to the future.
Move the organisation on from where it is.

Engage all stakeholders

Allow people to see what the future holds and say what they can contribute to its realisation.
Create an inclusive culture where the diversity of employees’ talents and capabilities is fully harnessed.
Give people an opportunity to use their full capability to the benefit of the organisation and themselves.
Encourage diversity.
Encourage people to innovate.
Persuade people to declare their accountability and responsibility for the delivery of their outcomes.

Align everyone and everything around the corporate goals

Focus everyone on strategy implementation.
Align business and support units around the delivery of the strategy.
Combine central control with local devolution.
Integrate front and back offices.
Tell people who they need to work with to succeed.

Reward outcomes

Motivate people to produce even while jobs are being cut.
Determine status objectively.
Distribute rewards fairly, objectively and transparently.
Reward the delivery of outcomes rather than the management of resources.
Replace corporate bonuses by outcome bonuses.

Motivate delivery

Encourage good individual performance.
Be proactive more than reactive.
Generate internal competition to deliver.
Give outcome producers time to avoid failure.
Motivate those who are falling behind to catch up.

Stimulate performance

Combine business and individual performance management.
Remove the need for formal performance appraisals.
Move from being activity-based to results-oriented.

Organise around results rather than skills

Bust silos.
Avoid structural change.
Create value-adding, self-governing, self-managing teams.
Bring about voluntary compliance.

Optimise resourcing

Zero-base budgets.
Create rolling budgets.
Specify and justify what needs to be procured.

Co-ordinate business groups

Clarify and communicate the strategic outcomes required, the top-level activities needed to deliver these outcomes, and the sorts of resources required to carry out these activities.
Heal the divisions created by organisational structure.
Increase collaboration and co-operation between business groups and individuals.
Reduce turf battles.
Reveal synergies.
Increase the effectiveness of joint ventures and partnerships.

Merge organisations

Evaluate potential acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures.
Extract the forecast value from acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures.

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