Use the Perendie platform® to:

Know what’s going on

Keep the organisation’s strategy under rigorous review.
Monitor the implementation of the strategy.
Ensure that the organisation’s strategy creates value.

Enable evidence-based leadership

Enhance intuition with information.
Make decisions based on evidence rather than hearsay.

Build trust

Increase transparency and accountability.
Encourage ethical behaviour.
Provide the chairman, chief executive, non-executive directors and analysts with the information they need to do their jobs.
Reassure analysts, directors, shareholders and owners.
Increase confidence in the organisation.

Make governance effective

Enable effective governance.
Extend governance beyond the boardroom.
Create document-less governance.

Increase the value of audit

Facilitate and expedite audit.
Reduce the cost of audit.
Make audit more transparent, useful and effective.
Increase the assurance provided by audit.
Know at all times which corporate outcomes have been achieved.

Predict success

Know at all times whether the corporate outcomes are likely to be achieved.
Provide visibility of progress towards outcomes.
Increase the predictability of outcome delivery.
Get early warning of failure to achieve intended outcomes.

Make data analytics useful

Create a taxonomy of the organisation’s desired outcomes and related data.
Define what data to analyse.
Out-perform rivals.

Reduce information overload

Simplify and reduce the Board’s agenda.
Give the Board the information they need, and only the information they need.
Provide more current, predictive and integrated reporting than is proposed by < IR > (Integrated Reporting)..
Produce the first interactive corporate report.
Save trees of paper.

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